We’re re-thinking and redefining Online. Traditionally, you would picture lock your Offline and then move through to an Online suite with your boxes of tapes. Here you’d sit for a longish period of time watching the Avid take in the clips it needed while your Online editor fed in tape after tape. Then once everything was in you’d grade, add graphics, end-rollers and then layoff to tape – All in one room, by one Online editor. We kind of suggest doing it a bit differently

First we conform through our Ingest Room (usually before you even get here). We then take the picture across into our Baselight Digital Telecine and at the same time have an Online editor work on the un-graded picture pushing any graphics and titles to our VFX dept. We then take the graded images and graphics back into an Online suite compile them together and master the result. The cost is the same, if not less but you get operators, skilled in their own fields, working on your material and only for the amount of time you actually need them.

So, in terms of Online suites we have.

Baselight Digital Telecine: Click here to find out more.

Avid DS Nitris: Avid’s new flagship finishing suite, the DS, is their ‘Flame’ and offers unparalleled image-manipulation and VFX (we’re struggling to find something it can’t do).

Symphony Nitris HD: For finishing long-form SD and HD projects.

Four Avid Adrenaline HD Online suites: The business for compiling and mastering SD and HD projects.