The youngest person with motor neurone disease in Scotland, Lucy Lintott, is becoming paralysed – she can no longer walk unassisted and she’s losing her voice – not great for a chatterbox like Lucy. Even thoughshe’s been given only a few years to live, Lucy is determined to do what 22 year olds do – including dating. Over a six-month period, this lover of food and country music reveals how she is struggling to hold on to her personality and her infectious laugh. Lucy visits Newcastle where she meets a stand-up comedian who can still crack a joke even though he can’t speak. At a clinic in Edinburgh, Lucy’s voice is recorded with her sister’s, to create a personalised synthetic voice. And in an emotional photographic sitting with portrait photographer Rankin, Lucy confronts two polarised parts of herself – the perfect Lucy pre-diagnosis, and the broken Lucy three years after diagnosis.

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