Ben Mullen
"I have really only the finest things to say about Ben Mullen - and everyone at Serious.  I admit to being a very very ‘determined’ (some say bullheaded!) director - but at the same time I have the greatest appreciation for the collaborative nature of filmmaking. I have always known that KISS THE WATER was a film that people would either get or not. Ben understood me, the movie, and the imagery right away - and was then able to explore nuances and subtleties and polish up visual threads and ideas. If I thought my film looked good when we walked it into Ben’s suite - it was breathtaking when we took it out"
Eric Steel
Producer/Director “Kiss The Water”

Ben has become one of the UK’s most experienced and sought after colourists, racking up an impressive credit list over the last few years. He has an amazing ability to bring the most out of your images and whether its TV drama, documentary, entertainment or film, the output from his Baselight suite continues to amaze and please.